Boys Points Leaders

Gryffon Funke

Funke, a senior standout from Dodge County, has already made a significant mark on the current hockey season as the team’s leading goal scorer. Demonstrating exceptional skill and precision on the ice, Funke has tallied an impressive 10 goals, a feat that not only highlights his individual talent but also his crucial role in Dodge County’s offensive strategy.

Funke’s remarkable performance was especially evident in the season’s opening game against Redwing, where Dodge County secured a commanding 11-1 victory. In this game, Funke showcased his exceptional prowess as a forward, scoring an extraordinary five goals. This achievement not only set the pace for his team’s dominant win but also established Funke as a formidable force in the league.

His ability to find the back of the net consistently is a testament to his sharpshooting skills, agility, and keen sense of positioning. Funke’s style of play involves a blend of speed, control, and accuracy, making him a challenging opponent for any defense. His performance so far indicates not just natural talent but a high level of dedication and training.

Moreover, Funke’s leadership on and off the ice has been invaluable for Dodge County. As a senior, his experience and composure under pressure serve as an inspiration and guiding force for the younger players on the team. His ability to perform in high-stakes situations, as evidenced by his five-goal game, sets a high bar for his teammates and elevates the overall level of play.

Overall, Brody Funke’s early-season success is a promising indicator of his potential for the rest of the season. His goal-scoring spree, particularly in the opening game, has already made him a player to watch and a key asset for Dodge County’s aspirations this season. His continued performance will be crucial for the team’s success and could potentially lead to recognition at higher levels of the sport.

Will Burnevik

Will Burnevik has emerged as a pivotal playmaker in the early part of the hockey season, establishing himself as the leading assist provider among the boys’ teams. His consistent performance in setting up goals has been a standout feature in the games so far, demonstrating not just his skill but also his keen understanding of the game.

In the first few games of the season, Burnevik has consistently contributed one or more assists, showcasing his exceptional ability to read the game and make decisive plays. His vision on the ice and ability to anticipate his teammates’ positions make him an invaluable asset to his team’s offensive strategies. Burnevik’s assists are a result of his precise passing, quick decision-making, and understanding of his teammates’ strengths and positioning.

Javon Moore

Moore, a senior at Minnetonka High School, has been making waves in the hockey world as a standout player for the Minnetonka Skippers. His remarkable talent and dedication on the ice have not only made him a key player for his team but have also earned him a well-deserved commitment to the University of Minnesota, a prestigious program in college hockey. With such a significant opportunity ahead, Moore has a lot to prove, and he has risen to the challenge with exceptional performances, establishing himself as the boys’ points leader in his senior year.

Moore’s journey to becoming the points leader is a testament to his hard work, resilience, and passion for the game. His ability to consistently contribute both goals and assists showcases his versatile skill set and his importance to the Skippers’ offensive play. Moore possesses a unique blend of speed, agility, and puck-handling skills, coupled with a sharp hockey IQ that allows him to make smart plays and find the back of the net frequently.

His commitment to the University of Minnesota adds another layer of expectation and motivation for Moore. Playing for such a renowned college hockey program is a dream for many high school players, and Moore’s achievement in securing a spot there speaks volumes about his talent and potential. It also means that he has set a high bar for himself, striving to continually improve and make an impact at the collegiate level.