Minnesota Boys State High School Tourney

The Minnesota High school state tourney is a special thing in the state of Minnesota. Thousands of people travel from all over the state and even out of state to attend these games. This year was full of surprises and emotions, no doubt was an awesome tournament.here is a few of the best games we think.

Centennial vs Cretin Derham Hall

Centennial was a heavy favorite in this game and possibly even the tournament, coming into this game with the three seed the Cougars had high hopes to slide into semi-final Friday. The Cougars found an early surge, senior captain Harper Searles put one in the back of the net only 56 seconds in.  And  8 minutes later Nick Carls buried two goals in two shifts, after these three it seemed to be that Centennial was going to run away with this game. But late in the first Cretin was able to get on the board and gain some momentum. In the second period the Raiders came out flying dominating in shots and Air Force Academy commit Chuck Owens put one in for Cretin. And the third seemed to be more of the same with Max Anderson scoring 1 minute into the third. The game eventually went to overtime, in the first OT both teams seemed to be gassed nobody could seem to score. After the break and resurface the Raiders came out flying and after some back and fourth who else but the Raiders own #19 Max Anderson for his second goal of the game. This game was a roller coaster of emotions and it was on of our favorite games of the tournament.

Grand Rapids vs White Bear Lake

This game was an insane must watch game, a thrilling game winner from Grand Rapids with just seconds left in the game.

White Bear was looking to break their streak and shatter the dreams of Grand Rapids, the Bears are 0-20-0 in the mn state tournament. Here is the box score

  • Grand Rapids: 2 goals
  • White Bear Lake: 1 goal

Power Plays:

  • Grand Rapids: 1 for 3 (33.33%)
  • White Bear Lake: 0 for 2 (0.0%)


  • Grand Rapids: 23 shots
  • White Bear Lake: 26 shots


  • Grand Rapids: 6 minutes on 3 infractions
  • White Bear Lake: 7 minutes on 2 infractions

Scoring Summary:

  • 1st Period:
    • 4:04 – Grand Rapids’ #5 William Shermoen scored an even-strength goal assisted by #24 Jameson Duell and #21 Kyler Miller


  • 2nd Period:
    • No goals scored by either team.
  • 3rd Period:
    • 15:26 – White Bear Lake’s #8 Jack Stanius scored an even-strength goal assisted by #15 Tanner Olsen and #9 Nolan Roed.
    • 16:59 – Grand Rapids’ #19 Nathan Garski scored a power-play goal assisted by #5 William Shermoen and #14 Bauer Murphy.

Cathedral vs Warroad

This semi final game was a controversial and nail biting game with goals being called no goal and then revied and called a goal and so forth.

Warroad was a heavy favorite in this game and to even win the whole tourney even though the Crusaders had beat Warroad earlier in the season. As they say it’s hard to beat a good team twice.  Cathedral started out in a little bit of a panic, with Warroad’s Taven James scoring  only 26 seconds into the game. And again 8 minutes later senior defense Ryan Lund tucking one.  But down two going into the second they came out flying, it was all Crusaders in the second. With sophomore defense Griffin Sturm getting the ball rolling and 4 minutes later Cole Hwang scored as well. Going into the third both teams were determined to win, Cathedral took a late crucial penalty and Warroad sophomore Ryan Shaugabay in what was originally called no goal but was reviewed and over turned. With a hope and a prayer the Crusaders looked to find ways to win, and you could definetly argue against him being the tournament MVP John Hirschfeld scored with only two minutes left in the game to tie it and send it to overtime. With Cathedral having the momentum in over time who else but John Hirschfeld to score the game winner and send the Crusaders to the Championship.