Are you about to become a crazy hockey parent? Welcome to the club, it wasn’t to long ago I was in your shoes wondering what we were getting ourselves into. Now fast-forward 8 quick years and I wouldn’t change it for anything. All the practices, games, tournaments, late nights, new sticks, restaurants, making new friends and watching your child learn how to play the game of hockey is so rewarding. Sports teach kids so much about real life, learning how to lose, learning how to win, dealing with someone who knocks you down and most importantly never giving up. That being said when I was a brand new hockey parent I relied on friends to tell me what gear was needed and what was optional, so we put together a quick list of gear that we feel is needed for any new hockey player, hopefully this helps someone out who has no idea what direction to go.  If you want our help picking anything out send us an email:

“A Comprehensive Guide for Parents of New Hockey Players: Essential Gear and Recommended Brands”

Introducing your child to the exciting world of hockey is a wonderful adventure that promises teamwork, skill development, and unforgettable memories. As a parent, you might find the array of hockey gear overwhelming, but fear not! In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the essential gear your young athlete will need, along with recommended brands for skates, sticks, and helmets.  This is for Skaters not Goalies!

**1. Protective Gear:
Safety is paramount in hockey. Ensure your child is equipped with the following protective gear:

Helmet: Protecting their head is the top priority. Look for a helmet that fits snugly and has proper ventilation, Pure Hockey is an excellent resource for finding the correct helmet for your child, make sure you know your childs size before ordering.
Our Recommended brands: Bauer and CCM.  Click image below to see Pricing:

Face Cage or Shield: For players under 18, a full face cage is mandatory. It shields their face and prevents injuries.

Mouthguard: A mouthguard protects teeth and minimizes impact-related injuries.

Shoulder Pads: These offer crucial protection for the upper body and are essential for absorbing hits.
Recommended brands are Bauer, CCM and Warrior.  Pic shown of CCM Tacks ASV Junior model:

Elbow Pads: Protecting the elbows from falls and collisions is crucial.
Recommended brands are Bauer, CCM and Warrior.  Pic shows CCM Tacks ASV Junior model:

Gloves: Choose gloves that provide comfort, mobility, and proper hand protection.
Pic shows senior Warrior Covert Pro gloves.

Protective Cup: A must for male players to safeguard against potential injuries.

2. Skates:
A proper pair of hockey skates is essential for performance and comfort. Opt for skates that fit snugly without being too tight. Recommended brands: Bauer, CCM and True.  As with all the gear we recommend you go get sized in the store prior to ordering anything online.
Bauer Supreme 3S skates are a good youth entry model skate without breaking the bank in our opinion.


3. Stick:
Choosing the right stick is vital for your child’s playing style and comfort. Stick length should be between the chin and the nose when the player is standing in skates. Recommended brands: Bauer, CCM, True and Warrior.  A rough guide to what flex is needed is figure about half the skaters weight.  IE: if your child weighs 100 lbs get a 50 flex stick to start, as they get more confident they will learn what flex they feel the most comfortable with.  Sticks have gotten outrageously priced so we recommend starting with an entry level stick such as the Bauer Vapor 3X

4. Apparel:
Comfortable, moisture-wicking clothing helps keep your child dry during intense games. Look for moisture-wicking base layers and hockey-specific socks.

5. Breezers and Shin Guards:
Hockey pants provide protection for the hips, thighs, and tailbone. Shin guards are crucial to protect the lower legs from impact and puck hits.

6. Neck Guard:
A neck guard is mandatory in most leagues. It protects against cuts and abrasions from skates or sticks.

7. Bag:
Invest in a sturdy hockey bag to keep all the gear organized and easily transportable.

Equipping your child with the right hockey gear ensures a safe and enjoyable experience on the ice. By investing in high-quality gear from reputable brands, you’re setting your young player up for success and helping them develop a lifelong love for the game. Remember to get the gear properly fitted and encourage your child to enjoy every moment on the ice.

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