Minnesota Highschool Boys Game Previews

Wayzata vs Edina

Edina has shown a formidable offensive capability, scoring a total of 104 goals in 24 games, averaging 4.33 goals per game (GPG). Their defense is equally impressive, with a goals-against average (GAA) of 1.69, and their goalies have saved 93.5% of the shots they’ve faced. Special teams play a crucial role for Edina, with a power play (PP) percentage of 24.6% and a penalty kill (PK) percentage of 84.6%. These stats suggest that Edina is a well-balanced team capable of both scoring and defending effectively.

Wayzata, on the other hand, boasts a slightly higher offensive output with 119 goals in 24 games, translating to 4.96 GPG. Their defense, while strong, allows a GAA of 1.80, with goalies holding an 89.7% save percentage. Wayzata’s special teams are also noteworthy, with a PP percentage of 25.3% and a PK percentage of 84.5%, indicating their ability to capitalize on opportunities and stifle their opponents’ power plays

Both teams have shown they can dominate both ends of the ice, making this matchup a must-watch for fans. The game could ultimately come down to special teams’ performance and goaltending, where both teams have demonstrated considerable skill. Fans should expect a fast-paced, competitive game, with both teams eager to assert their dominance.

Holy family vs Stillwater

Stillwater boasts a solid offensive and defensive record. With 96 goals scored across 24 games, they average 4.00 goals per game (GPG). Their defense is robust, conceding 62 goals for a goals-against average (GAA) of 2.56, and their goaltending has been reliable with a save percentage (SV%) of .907. Stillwater’s special teams have a power play (PP) percentage of 19.2% and an impressive penalty kill (PK) percentage of 86.8%, indicating their effectiveness in both creating and denying scoring opportunities on special teams.

Holy Family, on the other hand, has demonstrated exceptional offensive firepower, netting 104 goals in 24 games, which translates to an average of 4.33 GPG. Their defensive game is also strong, with a GAA of 2.35 and a goaltender save percentage of .914. Holy Family shines on special teams, boasting a PP percentage of 30.4% and a PK percentage of 85.1%, showcasing their ability to efficiently capitalize on power play opportunities while effectively shutting down their opponents’ chances.

Stillwater’s challenge will be to contain Holy Family’s dynamic offense while exploiting any opportunities to score against a defense that has shown vulnerability. Holy Family, meanwhile, will aim to maintain their offensive pressure and capitalize on their power play opportunities against Stillwater’s disciplined penalty kill unit.

Moorhead vs Hill-Murray

Moorhead has demonstrated a balanced performance this season, with a total of 85 goals in 24 games, averaging 3.54 goals per game (GPG). Their defense has been fairly solid, conceding 82 goals for a goals-against average (GAA) of 3.39. One of the standout aspects of Moorhead’s play has been their effectiveness on the power play (PP), boasting a PP percentage of 30.9%. This high efficiency in converting power play opportunities into goals could be a critical factor in their game strategy. However, their penalty kill (PK) percentage stands at 81.6%, indicating a reasonably strong ability to defend against opponents’ power plays.

Hill-Murray, on the other hand, has shown impressive offensive firepower, scoring 107 goals over 24 games, for an average of 4.46 GPG. Their defense has allowed 62 goals, resulting in a GAA of 2.51, which is a bit tighter compared to Moorhead’s. Hill-Murray’s special teams have also performed well, with a PP percentage of 24.7% and an outstanding PK percentage of 87.1%, highlighting their capability to efficiently handle both offensive and defensive special team situations.

Both teams have shown they can score, but the game could hinge on defensive performance and goaltending. With Moorhead’s ability to score on the power play and Hill-Murray’s balanced attack and strong penalty killing, fans can anticipate a game filled with strategic plays and critical moments that could swing in favor of either team based on execution during special teams play and key defensive stops.

Andover vs Maple Grove

Andover has shown consistency in their game, scoring a total of 88 goals over 24 games for an average of 3.67 goals per game (GPG). Defensively, they’ve been solid, conceding 56 goals, which translates to a goals-against average (GAA) of 2.33. Andover’s power play has been effective, with a conversion rate of 23.0%, although their penalty killing efficiency, at 74.1%, indicates potential vulnerability that could be exploited. Their goalies have posted a .911 save percentage (SV%), reflecting a reliable last line of defense that has contributed significantly to their overall performance.

Maple Grove, on the other hand, has displayed a potent offense with 103 goals in 24 games, averaging 4.29 GPG. They’ve been even more impressive defensively, allowing only 46 goals for a GAA of 1.91, showcasing their strength in goaltending and defensive play, which is further highlighted by their goalie’s .922 SV%. Their special teams tell a story of strong penalty killing, with an 88.6% effectiveness rate, though their power play efficiency stands at 13.8%, which, despite being lower than Andover’s, has not prevented them from achieving a high goal tally.

Maple Grove, with their balanced attack and stringent defense, will likely focus on maintaining pressure on Andover’s defense and exploiting any weaknesses in their penalty kill unit. Their goal will be to prevent Andover from establishing their game plan, especially on the power play, and to capitalize on their own scoring opportunities.