Top Girls Games From 12-5-23

Centennial/SLP 3

Andover 3

Centennial/Spring Lake Park and Andover played to a 3-3 tie, with neither team able to secure a win in overtime. The match was highlighted by strong offensive plays from both teams, a series of penalties, and a significant number of shots, especially from Andover.

The first period was a defensive battle with no scoring from either side. Andover had more shots on goal, but Centennial/Spring Lake Park’s defense and goaltending held firm, keeping the game scoreless.

In the second period, Centennial/Spring Lake Park took the lead with two even-strength goals. Noelle Hemr opened the scoring, assisted by Brooke Ueland, followed by a goal from Teagan Kulenkamp, assisted by Madeline Wolter and Grace Laager. Andover responded with a goal from Courtney Little, assisted by Avery Kasick, narrowing the gap to 2-1.

The third period saw both teams intensify their offensive efforts. Andover’s Ella Thoreson scored an even-strength goal, assisted by Nora Sauer and Samantha Angellotti, to tie the game. However, Centennial/Spring Lake Park regained the lead with Hemr’s second goal of the game, assisted by Alexis Larsen and Mia Sutch. Andover once again equalized with a goal from Hanna Olson, assisted by Hannah Christenson, bringing the score to 3-3.

In overtime, despite opportunities from both sides, neither team could find the back of the net, resulting in a draw. The shot count was heavily in favor of Andover with 41 shots, compared to Centennial/Spring Lake Park’s 15, indicating Andover’s aggressive offense.

Penalties played a significant role in the game, with Centennial/Spring Lake Park incurring 10 minutes on 5 infractions and Andover 8 minutes on 4 infractions. Despite multiple power plays, neither team could capitalize on these opportunities.

Overall, the match showcased the resilience and determination of both teams. Centennial/Spring Lake Park’s ability to take the lead and Andover’s comeback to tie the game multiple times reflected the competitive spirit and high skill level of both teams, culminating in a well-fought draw.

Wilmar 5

Luverne 3

Willmar secured a 5-3 victory over Luverne. The match showcased Willmar’s strong start and effective use of power plays, as well as Luverne’s spirited comeback attempt that fell just short.

The first period was dominated by Willmar. They took an early lead with a goal from Lily Jorgenson, assisted by Avery Quinn. This was quickly followed by another goal from Lauren Eilers, with an assist from Rebecca Dawson. Willmar’s momentum continued with Birgit Figenskau scoring a power-play goal, assisted by Lauren Eilers, making it 3-0.

In the second period, Willmar extended their lead with another goal from Lauren Eilers, her second of the game, assisted again by Avery Quinn. Sophia Quinn also found the back of the net for Willmar, with Chloe Lownsbury providing the assist. However, Luverne began to fight back, with Tenley Behr scoring an even-strength goal, assisted by Gretta McClure. Ella Apel then added another goal for Luverne, assisted by Ellie Van Batavia, bringing the score to 5-2.

The third period saw Luverne continuing their attempt to close the gap. Payton Behr scored a short-handed goal, assisted again by Gretta McClure. However, despite their efforts and a better shot count (33 shots compared to Willmar’s 24), Luverne couldn’t overcome Willmar’s early lead.

Penalties were relatively balanced in the game, with Willmar incurring 4 minutes on 2 infractions and Luverne 6 minutes on 3 infractions. Despite several power plays, Luverne was unable to capitalize on their two opportunities, while Willmar converted one of their three chances.

Overall, the game was a testament to Willmar’s strong offensive start and their ability to maintain the lead. Luverne’s comeback in the latter part of the game added to the excitement but wasn’t quite enough to change the outcome.

Crookston 2

Warroad 0

Crookston emerged victorious over Warroad with a final score of 2-0. The match was marked by strong defensive play for the majority of the game, with Crookston breaking through in the third period to secure the win.

The first two periods were scoreless, despite several attempts on goal from both teams. Warroad had a higher shot count, particularly in the second period, but was unable to capitalize on these opportunities. Crookston’s defense and goaltending held firm, keeping the game even.

The turning point came in the third period when Crookston’s Taylor Field scored the opening goal, giving Crookston the lead. This was followed by a crucial goal from Brynley Coleman, assisted by Ashlyn Bailey, towards the end of the period, solidifying Crookston’s lead and eventual victory.

In terms of power plays, neither team was successful in capitalizing on these opportunities, with both Warroad and Crookston going 0 for 4. The inability to score on power plays highlighted the strong penalty-killing efforts from both teams.

Penalties were evenly distributed, with both teams incurring 8 minutes on 4 infractions each. These penalties created power-play opportunities, but the strong defensive play prevented any conversions into goals.

Overall, the game was a showcase of Crookston’s resilience and ability to capitalize on scoring opportunities in the crucial moments of the game. Warroad’s efforts, particularly their aggressive offense as indicated by their 33 shots, were commendable but ultimately unsuccessful against Crookston’s solid defense and goaltending. The match was a testament to the strategic depth and competitiveness of the game, where patience and seizing key moments can lead to victory.

Blaine 3

Rodgers 2

Blaine secured a dramatic 3-2 victory over Rogers in overtime. The match was characterized by a strong start from Rogers, a spirited comeback from Blaine in the third period, and a decisive overtime goal.

Rogers opened the scoring in the first period with a goal from Avery Achterkirch, assisted by Lauren Barnacle. This early lead set the tone for Rogers, who maintained their advantage through the second period, which saw no additional scoring from either team.

The third period marked a significant shift in momentum. Rogers initially extended their lead with another goal from Avery Achterkirch, this time assisted by Sydney Bailey and Brynne Bischoff. However, Blaine responded with determination, first with a goal from Colleigh Johnson, assisted by Kayla Shaffer. Shortly after, Taylor Olson, assisted by Cierra Ledeen, equalized the score, setting the stage for an intense finish.

In overtime, Blaine completed their comeback with a game-winning goal from Gracyn Knowles, assisted by Bella Brady. This goal capped off an impressive rally from a two-goal deficit, showcasing Blaine’s resilience and ability to perform under pressure.

Neither team was able to capitalize on their power play opportunities, with Rogers going 0 for 3 and Blaine 0 for 1. The game was also notable for its relatively low shot count, with Rogers taking a total of 8 shots and Blaine only 3.

Penalties played a role in the game, with Blaine incurring 6 minutes on 3 infractions and Rogers 2 minutes on 1 infraction. Despite the power play chances, the strong penalty-killing efforts from both teams kept the game tight.

Overall, the match was a testament to the competitive spirit and skill of both teams, with Blaine’s late-game heroics securing them a hard-fought victory in overtime. The game highlighted the importance of persistence and the ability to seize opportunities in crucial moments.

Northfield 3

Orono 2

Northfield clinched a narrow 3-2 victory over Orono. The match was marked by effective power play execution by Northfield and a series of infractions that significantly influenced the game’s dynamics.

The first period started with Orono’s Anna Rausch scoring an even-strength goal. Northfield responded with two power-play goals. Grace McCoshen, assisted by Isabelle Stephes, equalized the score, followed by Emerson Garlie’s goal, assisted by Mia Miller and Grace McCoshen, giving Northfield a 2-1 lead.

In the second period, Northfield extended their lead with another power-play goal by Ayla Puppe, assisted by Emerson Garlie and Mia Miller. Orono’s Zoe Lopez, assisted by Grace Bickett and Macy Rasmussen, managed to score on a power play, narrowing the gap to 3-2.

The third period saw no additional scoring, with both teams playing strong defense. The game was particularly notable for the high number of penalties. Orono incurred 20 minutes on 9 infractions, while Northfield had 8 minutes on 4 infractions. These penalties led to numerous power play opportunities for both teams.

Northfield capitalized on their power play chances, converting 3 out of 9 (33.33%), while Orono managed to score once out of their 4 power plays (25.0%). The shot count was in favor of Northfield with 28 shots compared to Orono’s 24, indicating a more aggressive offensive strategy.

Overall, the match was a display of Northfield’s ability to exploit power-play situations effectively and maintain their lead in the face of Orono’s challenging plays. Orono’s efforts were commendable, but their frequent penalties ultimately hindered their ability to secure a win. The game highlighted the importance of disciplined play and the significant impact penalties can have on the outcome of a match.