All New Bauer Proto R Stick


Bauer recently released a new line of hockey stick called the PROTO R. Here is a little insight on what the product is all about!

The Bauer PROTO R hockey stick garners attention with its BORON Fiber Technology, a feature exclusive to Bauer that promises to add a deceptive edge to a player’s game. Enthusiasts might appreciate this advanced material for its potential to enhance the stick’s strength and flexibility, allowing for better puck handling and a more powerful shot. The mid-kick design also offers versatility, appealing to players who value a stick that can adapt to different shooting scenarios​​​​.

Weighing a mere 345 grams, the stick stands out as one of the lightest on the market, which could improve maneuverability and reduce fatigue during play. This could be particularly advantageous for players who rely on speed and agility​​. The integration of features from the AG5NT and Nexus lines aims to blend the best of both worlds, offering a balance between quick-release shots and powerful, long-range capabilities​​.

However, the emphasis on BORON Fiber Technology and its supposed benefits might not be as noticeable to all players, with some questioning the material’s impact on actual game performance. While the lightweight design is a plus, it may raise durability concerns among players who engage in more physical styles of play. The high price point, ranging from $269.99 to $429.99, could also be a deterrent, especially for those who are skeptical about the additional benefits provided by the advanced technology and materials​​.

Moreover, the attempt to cater to all types of players with a mid-kick point could leave those who have a strong preference for either a low or high kick point feeling underserved. The Proto R’s design, which seeks to offer the best of both agility and power, might not satisfy players who are looking for a stick that specializes in one particular style of play​​.

In conclusion, the Bauer Proto R is a stick that embodies the latest in hockey technology with its lightweight design and innovative materials. It’s aimed at players looking for a high-performance, versatile stick. However, its appeal may vary among players, depending on their play style, preferences, and expectations in terms of durability and value for money.

If you are interested in taking a look at this new stick that Bauer released feel free to check it out using our link here. Bauer Proto R