All New Bauer Proto R Stick

  Bauer recently released a new line of hockey stick called the PROTO R. Here is a little insight on what the product is all about! The Bauer PROTO R hockey stick garners attention with its BORON Fiber Technology, a feature exclusive to Bauer that promises to add a deceptive edge to a player’s game. […]

Bauer Vapor Hyperlite 2 Hockey Stick:

Possibly the best new stick for 2023 is the Bauer Vapor Hyperlite 2, it comes in 25 grams lighter than the original Hyperlite, it’s Revolutionized carbon bridge construction increases recoil by 10% for an even quicker, rocket-like release, and you can customize yours at the Pure Hockey website!

Athlete Recovery tools 2022 edition

Sore Muscles?  We have a solution to help the recovery! Speaking from personal experience the best recovery method after a grueling workout is rest, but a close 2nd might be a good massage, (or ice) and with that being said we are huge fans of the Theragun Massage tools! Ranging from the Theragun Mini up […]

Best Hockey Helmets 2022 edition

Best Hockey Helmet 2022 Hockey helmets. The single most important piece of equipment any hockey player, or hockey parent will buy. A lot of folks ask us to do some deep dive of “hockey helmet ratings”, or the best hockey helmet for concussions, or whatever the situation, but to be completely honest the helmet is […]

What brand of gear do the Pro’s wear?

Ever wonder what kind of hockey gear the NHL players wear?  Well we have some answers for you.  According to in 2022-2023 the MN Wild players have been seen with the following: Jared Spurgeon a right handed defenseman, uses a Warrior Alpha LX Pro Stick, Warrior Covert QRL Gloves, Warrior Pants, True TF Pro […]