Athlete Recovery tools 2022 edition

Sore Muscles?  We have a solution to help the recovery!

Speaking from personal experience the best recovery method after a grueling workout is rest, but a close 2nd might be a good massage, (or ice) and with that being said we are huge fans of the Theragun Massage tools!

Ranging from the Theragun Mini up to the Theragun Pro they really do make quality products.  See below for some reviews on the Pro model:

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You will not be disappionted
I have to start off by saying WOW! I currently own the hyper-volt + and other generic brands and nothing will compare to the Theragun. Let me tell you why, I am a adrenaline junky. I train to climb volcanoes and major hikes around the world to capture some amazing drone shots. So I am always sore or tense from the intense training. When I first purchase these massage gun i did not know what to do, except to stab it to where it hurts. However, the Theragun is a gamer changer it has videos and instruction on how to massage your body correctly. That alone worth a million bucks. The extra adapter will help target areas that I did not know can be relieve. Overall I highly recommend this gun to any body . Self care is priceless
Absolutely love my Theragun Pro! I love going on long hikes/walks with a weighted vest and let me tell you, this has definitely come in handy when my calves, shoulders, shins are aching.

If you have a desk job and get that shoulder pain from the mouse, this also helps massage that out. I can’t begin to explain how happy I am with this purchase. A bit pricey but its a solid product and definitely something I will be using for years to come!

Portable Massage Therapist
I purchased the Theragun Pro and couldn’t be happier. The new angles you can use with the Theragun makes is possible to hit areas you didn’t think possible. Since I prefer not to go to a massage therapist during the pandemic this has been a lifesaver and will save me money in the long run. If you’re a serious athlete or just like a good massage this is a great machine and I highly recommend it. It’s also a beautiful device and looks great in my home gym.
The Theragun Mini is a must have for any Goalie, (or hockey player for that matter) its lightweight, Compact and will fit in any Goalie/Hockey Bag.  That along with a price tag of less than $200 its a no brainer for it to be a part of your hockey equipment!  See below for reviews on the mini:
We may earn a small commision if you click on one of our links and purchase a product.  At no additional cost you can help support FTP!
I am so happy I bought the Theragun Mini! I’ve been wanting a Theragun for a while especially something light and portable. I use the Theragun mini everyday and it is the best investment I’ve made ALL year!
Absolutely love the Theragun Mini. It’s perfect when I need to travel for business or vacation! It gets even the toughest nots out of my back and leaves me feeling to totally relaxed. Definitely one of my travel essentials!
The Theragun Mini is an excellent product. It is a very unique massage instrument, and to an active individual like myself it’s a game changer. It’s compact size makes it easy to store and carry, so it’s easy to take it anywhere. The Theragun mini has helped a lot with the tension in my shoulders, and is an excellent tool for recovery after hard workouts. I also enjoy that it’s quiet and does not make much noise, so you can use it at places like the gym without causing distraction. This product is great and I would definitely recommend it to anyone.


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