Minnesota High School Boys Hockey State Tournament Class AA 2017-2018


Photo Credit: Minnetonka HS Boys Hockey (on Facebook)

March 10th, 2018


Minnetonka 2 1 2 5
Duluth East 1 1 0 2
M: Matt Koethe 2g, Joe Molenaar 1g, 2a
M: Bobby Brink 1g, 1a, Andrew Hicks 1g
M: Grant Docter 3a
M: Charlie Glockner 28 saves
DE: Ricky Lyle 1g, Austin Jouppi 1g
DE: Parker Kleive 25 saves

Third Place

Edina 4 3 4 11
Centennial 0 0 0 0
EDI: Sammy Walker 2g, 3a
EDI: Mason Nevers 2g, 2a, Liam Malmquist 2g
EDI: Ben Brinkman 1g, 3a, Jett Jungels 1g, 2a
EDI: Bjorn Swanson, Lewis Crosby, Max Borst
EDI: Garrett Mackay 22-save shutout
CEN: Travis Allen 34M, 16 sv – 23 shots, L
CEN: Bryce Crowley 17M, 10 sv – 14 shots, ND

Fifth Place

St. Michael-Albertville 1 1 0 2
St. Thomas Academy 1 3 2 6
STA: Rob Christy Hat Trick
STA: Ray Christy 1g, 2a
STA: Brendan McFadden 1g, 1a
STA: Blake Holmes 1g, 1a
STA: Atticus Kelly 18 saves
STMA: Blake Spetz, Brady Berning
STMA: Justin Damon 29 saves

March 9th, 2018

Championship Semifinal

Edina 1 0 1 2
Duluth East 2 0 2 4
DE: Garret Worth 2g, 1a
DE: Ian Mageau 1g, 1a, F Hunter Paine
DE: Parker Kleive 24 saves
EDI: Evan Shoemaker, Mason Nevers
EDI: Garrett Mackay 14 saves

Championship Semifinal

Minnetonka 1 1 4 6
Centennial 2 0 1 3
MIN: Bobby Brink 2g, 1a
MIN: Josh Luedtke 2g
MIN: Grant Docter 1eng, 2a, David Andes
MIN: Charlie Glockner 15 saves
CEN: Jack Menne 1g, 1a
CEN: Lucas McGregor 1g, 1a, Hayden Brickner
CEN: Travis Allen 48 saves

Consolation Semifinal

Lakeville North 1 0 0 1
St. Michael-Albertville 0 0 2 2
STMA: Caden Sigerud 1g, 1a
STMA: Zach Sjelin
STMA: Justin Damon 30 saves
LN: Spencer Schneider 1g
LN: Caleb Mayer 31 saves

Consolation Semifinal

Hill-Murray 1 3 0 4
St. Thomas Academy 1 0 5 6
STA: Ryan O’Neill 2g, 1a
STA: Ben Stucker 2g
STA: Rob Christy 1g, 2a, Ray Christy 1g, 2a
STA: Atticus Kelly 23 saves
HM: Nick Pierre 1g, 2a, Troy Tischler 1g, 1a
HM: Joey Petronack 1g, 1a
HM: Remington Keopple 33 saves

March 8th, 2018


Edina 3 4 0 7
Lakeville North 0 1 0 1
EDI: Jett Jungels 2g, 2a
EDI: Mason Nevers 2g, Sammy Walker 1g, 4a
EDI: Lewis Crosby, Brett Chorske
EDI: Garrett Mackay 15 saves
LN: Shane Griffin
LN: Will Johnson 25:32, 15 sv – 20 shots, L
LN: Caleb Mayer 25:26, 14 sv – 12 shots, ND


Duluth East 1 4 0 5
St. Michael-Albertville 0 0 0 0
DE: Garret Worth Hat Trick, 1a
DE: Ian Mageau 1g, 2a
DE: Parker Kleive 28-save shutout
STMA: Justin Damon 29 saves


Minnetonka 4 1 1 6
Hill-Murray 1 1 0 2
MIN: Bobby Brink 2g
MIN: Joe Molenaar 1g, 1a, Luke Loheit 1g, 1a
MIN: Matt Koethe 1g, 1a, James Miller
MIN: Charlie Glockner 22 saves
HM: Michael Fleischhacker, Joseph Quast
HM: Remington Keopple 26 saves


St. Thomas Academy 2 0 0 2
Centennial 0 1 2 3
CEN: Carter Wagner 1g, 1a, Jack Menne 1g, 1a
CEN: Hayden Brickner GWG 3P 13:28
CEN: Travis Allen 33 saves
STA: Cade Huntley, Ben Stucker
STA: Atticus Kelly 24 saves
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