Minnesota Boys Hockey Scores – November 30, 2019

Rochester Century seniors Connor Olson and Joey Malugani scored two goals each to guide the Panthers past city rival Rochester Mayo, 7-2. (Photo Credit: postbulletin.com)

Amery (WI) 7, St. Paul Highland Park 2
AME: Jack Henningsgard 2g, 3a, Mac Smith 1g, 3a
AME: Fletcher Kjeseth 1g, 1a, Grady Martin 1g, 1a
AME: Pake Brown, Miles Troff
AME: Ethan Mork 28 saves (Win)
SPHP: Sam Bell, Joseph Ochs
SPHP: Caden Frahm 35 saves (Loss)
Amery (WI) N/A | St. Paul Highland Park 0-2-0

Apple Valley 4, Owatonna 1
AV: Nate Messerich 2g, 1a, Carter Ranning, Thor Oase
AV: Evan Melville 21 saves (Win)
OWA: Casey Johnson
OWA: Zach Wiese 23 saves (Loss)
Apple Valley 2-1-1 | Owatonna 0-1-0

Blaine 2, Edina 1 OT
Scoring Unavailable
Blaine 1-1-0 | Edina 1-3-0

Blake School 3, St. Thomas Academy 2
Scoring Unavailable
Blake School 3-1-0 | St. Thomas Academy 1-2-0

Woodbury Tournament
Champlin Park 1, Woodbury 0
CP: Robbie Lawler
CP: Carter Wostrel 11-save shutout (Win)
WBY: Austin Carlson 34 saves (Loss)
Champlin Park 2-1-0 | Woodbury 0-2-1

Delano 4, Breck School 1
DEL: Bruce Halonen 2g, Adam Brown, Kory Dunnigan
DEL: Cade Lommel 25 saves (Win)
BRE: Carter Oftedahl
BRE: Sean Reiling 29 saves (Loss)
Delano 1-2-0 | Breck School 0-1-0

Dodge County 7, Minnesota River 5
DC: Brody Lamb Six Goals, Cade Spreiter
DC: Isaac Dale 20 saves (Win)
MR: Logan Throldahl 2g, 1a, Shawn Lehtinen 2g
MR: Seth Reicks 1g, 1a
MR: Mitch Kotek 19 saves (Loss)
Dodge County 1-2-0 | Minnesota River 0-3-0

Marshall Tournament
Fargo Davies (ND) 4, Marshall 1
FD: C Turnquist 2g, D Jensen, G Bulvibeh
FD: J Wuitschick 14 saves (Win)
MAR: Tristan VanDeVere
MAR: Dominik Caspers 44 saves (Loss)
Fargo Davies (ND) N/A | Marshall 2-1-0

Eagan 4, New Prague 2
EAG: Henry Reiff 1g, 1a, Cole Gibson 1g, 1a
EAG: Jonny Meiers sh, Aidan White
EAG: Derek Manzella 16 saves (Win)
NP: Xavier Emerson, Landon Peterson
NP: Matt Schmidt 27 saves (Loss)
Eagan 1-0-0 | New Prague 0-2-0

Eden Prairie 6, Cretin-Derham Hall 2
Scoring Unavailable
Eden Prairie 1-0-0 | Cretin-Derham Hall 0-2-0

Forest Lake 6, East Ridge 4
FL: Lucas Wallinga 2g, Gavin Middendorf 1g, 1a, Connor Brust 1g, 1a
FL: Justin Vlatkovich 1g, 1a, Austin LaCasse
FL: Casey Sauve 18 saves (Win)
ER: Jack Brown 1g, 1a, Nate Somers 1g, 1a
ER: Nick Landin, Nick Page
ER: Zach Bierwerth 20 saves (Loss)
Forest Lake 1-0-0 | East Ridge 1-2-0

Hopkins 6, Spring Lake Park 3
HOP: Collin Geiser 2g, Jake Renier 2g
HOP: Dom Valentini 1g, 1a, Troy Landschoot
HOP: Zach Hayes 27 saves (Win)
SLP: Blake Lueck 2g, Brock Larsen
SLP: Andy Hjulberg 28 saves (Loss)
Hopkins 1-2-0 | Spring Lake Park 1-2-0

Woodbury Tournament
Third Place
Hudson (WI) 7, Mankato East 1
Scoring Unavailable
Hudson (WI) N/A | Mankato East 0-2-1

Hutchinson 7, Rochester Lourdes 0
Scoring Unavailable
Hutchinson 3-1-0 | Rochester Lourdes 0-2-0

International Falls 5, Lake of the Woods 2
Scoring Unavailable
International Falls 1-2-0 | Lake of the Woods 0-1-0

La Crescent 3, Aquinas/Holmen (WI) 3
LAC: Ashur Rouleau 1g, 1a, Owen Johnson, Reid Haffner
LAC: Ryan Booth 25 saves (Win)
AH: Erik Voigt 2g, Brennen Dirks
AH: Jack Coleman 36 saves (Loss)
La Crescent 1-1-1 | Aquinas/Holmen (WI) N/A

Lakeville North 4, Holy Family Catholic 2
LN: Ben Monson 1g, 1a, Mario Gasparini
LN: Keaton Kranz, Cole Pearson eng
LN: Caleb Mayer 28 saves (Win)
HFC: Nick Strand, Lucas Jorgenson
HFC: Dylan Halliwil 27 saves (Loss)
Lakeville North 3-0-0 | Holy Family Catholic 1-1-0

Little Falls 7, Crookston 3
LF: Robby Kuchinski-Helgeson Hat Trick, Reece Hubbard 1g, 5a
LF: Matt Filippi 1g, 3a, Nicholas Stevens, Gunnar Gustafson
LF: Dane Couture 20 saves (Win)
CRO: Jack Doda 2g, Ben Andringa
CRO: Noah Dragseth 53 saves (Loss)
Little Falls 3-1-1 | Crookston 0-3-0

Mahtomedi 5, Totino-Grace 4
MAH: Nikolai Dulak 1g, 2a, Colin Hagstrom 1g, 2a
MAH: Adam Johnson 1g, 1a, Blake Hansen, Ethan Peterson
MAH: Ben Dardis 36 saves (Win)
TG: Connor Smith 1g, 1a, Jack Gray 1g, 1a
TG: Austin Burnevik, Sam Thelen
TG: Wes Johnson 38 saves (Loss)
Mahtomedi 2-0-0 | Totino-Grace 0-1-0

Minnetonka 6, Greenway 3
MIN: Braedon Lacomy 1g, 1a, Nic Henry 1g, 1a, Jack Quinn 1g, 1a
MIN: Nick Baer, Teddy Lagerback, Dylan Zitzloff, Graham Harris 3a
MIN: Anders Irene 22 saves (Win)
GWY: Christian Miller 1g, 1a, Ben Troumbly 1g, 1a, Ty Donahue
GWY: Logan Wright 42 saves (Loss)
Minnetonka 1-2-0 | Greenway 1-1-0

North Branch 4, Simley 3
NB: Matt Dekanick 2g, Jesse Lesmann, Dawson Johnson
NB: Jake Turek 25 saves (Win)
SIM: Carter Robinson 1g, 1a, Zach Painter, Shane Prifrel
SIM: Hunter Sandnas 28 saves (Loss)
North Branch 3-0-0 | Simley 1-1-0

Orono 6, Minneapolis 3
ORO: Zack Simon 1g, 2a, Bradley Walker 1g, 1a, Nick Mohs-Messerli 1g, 1a
ORO: George James, Patrick Grady, Shea Anderson
ORO: Grant McElroy 21 saves (Win)
MPLS: Henry Evenson, Sam Pearson, Jackson Schueller
MPLS: Cole Kloek 24 saves (Loss)
Orono 3-0-1 | Minneapolis 1-2-0

Pine City Area 4, Mound Westonka 3 OT
PCA: Parker Sell 1g, 2a, Jimmy Lindblom
PCA: Howie Hodena, Tim Thole
PCA: Alex Laven 28 saves (Win)
MW: Max Krebsbach 2g, Trey Madsen
MW: Elijah Goetz 13 saves (Loss)
GWG: Parker Sell OT 6:48
Pine City Area 1-2-0 | Mound Westonka 2-2-0

Prior Lake 5, St. Michael-Albertville 4 OT
PL: Sam Rice 1g, 1a, Hunter Lincoln, Alex Bump
PL: Preston Lindholm sh, Matt Beaty
PL: Trevor Boschee 28 saves (Win)
STMA: Adam Flammang 2g, Conner Couet, Zach Miller
STMA: Aaron Loch 24 saves (Loss)
Prior Lake 1-1-0 | St. Michael-Albertville 1-1-0

Red Wing 15, Austin 3
RW: Gavin Lampe Four Goals, 2a, Isaac French 2g, 3a
RW: Matt Ramstad 2g, 2a, Josh Rikli 2g, 2a, Taite Luhman 1g, 5a
RW: Caden Benway 1g, 1a, Hayden Zylka, Will Wooden, Evan Petersmeyer
RW: Aidan Coyle 18 saves (Win)
AUS: Garett Schaefer Hat Trick
AUS: Sam Eyre 37 saves (Loss)
Red Wing 2-2-0 | Austin 0-3-0

Robbinsdale Armstrong/Cooper 9, Providence Academy 1
RAC: Noah Weisjahn Hat Trick, Ryan Badertscher 1g, 2a
RAC: Jack Campion 1g, 1a, Ben Anderson 1g, 1a
RAC: Jack Potter, Nick Haugen, Matt Campion
RAC: Owen Reeve 7/8 saves (Win), John Harding 3/3 saves (ND)
PA: James Smith
PA: Trey Albernie 47 saves (Loss)
Robbinsdale Armstrong/Cooper 2-1-0 | Providence Academy 2-2-0

Rochester Century 7, Rochester Mayo 2
RC: Connor Olson 2g, Joey Malugani 2g
RC: Lyncoln Bielenberg-Howarth 1g, 2a, Ty Trageser
RC: Tim Pundt 26 saves (Win)
RM: Caleb Beavers, Will Weick
RM: Max Cothern 33 saves (Loss)
Rochester Century 2-1-0 | Rochester Mayo 0-2-0

Rochester John Marshall 3, Southwest Christian/Richfield 0
RJM: Teejay Torgrimson 2g, Sam Eagen
RJM: Carson Arthur 25-save shutout (Win)
SWCR: Isaac Haugen 21 saves (Loss)
Rochester John Marshall 1-1-0 | Southwest Christian/Richfield 0-1-0

Roseau 3, Centennial 1
ROS: Cayden Loken 2g, Max Strand 1g, 1a
ROS: Andrew Tuttle 32 saves (Win)
CEN: Henry Bartle
CEN: Leo Troje 18 saves (Loss)
Roseau 1-2-0 | Centennial 0-1-0

Rosemount 6, Bloomington Jefferson 0
ROS: Connor Kenefick 2g, 1a, Owen Hendrikson 2g
ROS: Luke Levandowski 1g, 2a, Trevor Brumm
ROS: Will Tollefson 19-save shutout (Win)
BJ: Basil Kamsheh 40 saves (Loss)
Rosemount 3-0-0 | Bloomington Jefferson 1-1-0

Roseville 4, Tartan 0
RSV: Tony Leahy 1g, 1a, Joey O’Neil 1g, 1a
RSV: Ian Macklem, Unknown
RSV: Chet Carlson 23-save shutout (Win)
TAR: Jack Cashin 33 saves (Loss)
Roseville 1-0-0 | Tartan 1-1-0

Shakopee 4, Bloomington Kennedy 2
SHA: Luke Schmidt 1g, 1a, Macalester Dose 1g, 1a
SHA: David Bigaouette, Matt Loiselle
SHA: Jacek Hummel 13 saves (Win)
BK: Peter Vodovnik 37 saves (Loss)
Shakopee 2-0-0 | Bloomington Kennedy 0-2-0

Somerset (WI) 5, Moose Lake Area 3
SOM: Beaudee 1g, 2a, Owen McDonough 1g, 2a, Ryan Kelly 1g, 2a
SOM: Noah Bailey 1g, 1a, Jordan Brown 1g
SOM: Kaleb Bents 17 saves (Win)
MLA: Avery Anderson 2g, Jack Ergen
MLA: Henry Dammer 30 saves (Loss)
Somerset (WI) N/A | Moose Lake Area 0-3-0

St. Paul Academy 9, Henry Sibley 4
SPA: Quinn Appert 2g, 1a, Will Rathmanner 1g, 2a
SPA: John Becker 1g, 1a, George Peltier 1g, 1a, Jake Hosszu 1g, 1a
SPA: Thomas Bagnoli, Andrew Ellis, William Schavee
SPA: Thomas Kuriscak 23 saves (Win)
HS: Nate Pace 2g, Pete Altier, Ryan Blake
HS: Keaton Woolsey 26 saves (Loss)
St. Paul Academy 3-1-0 | Henry Sibley 1-1-0

St. Paul Johnson 3, Thief River Falls 0
SPJ: Drake Teal, Kyle Gilday, Blayde Pogreba
SPJ: Tobin Florhaug 31-save shutout (Win)
TRF: Noah Rupprecht 19 saves (Loss)
St. Paul Johnson 2-0-0 | Thief River Falls 3-1-1

Wayzata 3, Duluth East 1
WAY: Charlie Podiak, Jake Schneider, Jack Kimlinger eng
WAY: Garret Bonello 24 saves (Win)
DE: Finn Hoops
DE: Konrad Kausch 32 saves (Loss)
Wayzata 1-3-0 | Duluth East 0-2-0



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