Best Hockey Sticks

Welcome to my review of the best hockey sticks. 

There are quite a few sticks that really are popular amongst players, but the most popular stick brands are CCM and Bauer.

There are many more, but those two combined take up a large part of the hockey stick market.

These are the best overall hockey sticks. 

Best Hockey Sticks

The hockey sticks that I’ve reviewed in this article are truly elite.  Yes, they are quite a bit more expensive than your average backyard hockey stick, but there are reasons for this.

For one, they are so much more durable.  The lifespan of an elite hockey stick is a whole lot longer than that of an inexpensive one.  For two, the performance is much higher.  Your shots will be more accurate and powerful.  Your stick handling will improve.  Slap shots, one timers, etc – all become better.

And not to mention, they are also very lightweight.

So you don’t have to feel like you are carrying a 2×4 onto the ice anymore.

It’s going to be so nice.

Let’s jump into the best hockey sticks.

CCM Jetspeed FT3 Pro (Best Overall)

The CCM Jetspeed FT3 Pro stick is the overall best hockey stick that you can get for the upcoming season.  It’s CCM’s newest stick they’ve released and up until this point, it’s impressed a lot of people.

The best part about this stick is the low and mid kick point hybrid design.  CCM has done this in the previous Jetspeed stick, but not to the level that the new FT3 Pro has reached.

A low kick point stick is really good at fast releases with not as optimal power.

A mid kick point stick is really good at building power up, but the downfall is that the release speed is slightly slower.

In the new Jetspeed FT3 Pro, you get the best of both worlds.

Now, in saying that – it doesn’t have the same release speed as the CCM Ribcore Trigger 4 Pro, and it’s not as powerful as the CCM Super Tacks AS2 Pro.

But, this is the best stick you can get if you are looking for both power and speed.

This is also the lightest hockey stick that you can get on the market.  It weighs 3 grams lighter than the Bauer Flylite, which was previously know as the lightest hockey stick.

Another new feature in the FT3 Pro is the JF-90 blade.  It’s an extremely lightweight blade that is designed to dampen the the puck and enhance the overall puck feel.

Which means softer hands.

Which means silkier mitts.

Which means saucing guys up and going bar down.

You know what I’m saying.

But the final and most important aspect of this stick is durability.

When you pay several hundred dollars for a hockey stick, it better withstand the test of time.

CCM has a great reputation for building durable hockey sticks and this one is no different.

It has new Nanolite Carbon layering material, which just adds to the strength of the stick.

It’s also what makes it so stinkin light.

The biggest downfall of the CCM Jetspeed FT3 Pro is for one, the price.  For two, it isn’t the most powerful, nor does it have the fastest release.

But it does have the best-of-everything-combined!

Overall, I’m very convinced that this is the best hockey stick you can get.  It’s lightweight, powerful, has a quick release and has quality puck handling feel.

CCM Ribcore Trigger 4 Pro

The CCM Ribcore Trigger 4 Pro is the next best hockey stick that you can get for 2020.  It’s actually last year’s model of stick from CCM, but in my opinion it it’s nearly as good in performance as the new Jetspeed FT3 Pro.

The difference between the two is in the kick point.  The Ribcore 4 Pro is designed for the forward that favors a low kick point with a very quick release, while the Jetspeed FT3 Pro is for the players that want more power with slightly slower release times.

The Ribcore Trigger 4 Pro is very popular amongst forwards.

It also features an ergonomical shaft which allows for comfortable and easy stick handling.  Because the shaft is shaped the way it is, it also reduces the hand torque during your shot.

Which in turn results better accuracy and more goals.

The CCM Trigger 4 Pro also features what is called the “agility blade”.  It’s a new and improved blade from their previous models.  It’s stronger, more durable, but most importantly, more accurate.

And lastly, this stick has one of – if not THE fastest releases on the market.

With this design, the stick is able to maximize the amount of speed that the puck will be traveling at in the least amount of time possible.

It’s maybe a little bit less powerful than some of the other elite sticks, but not by much.

And if you are a forward that is typically down low and always hanging out in front of the net, this is the best stick for you.  The release is just too quick.

Bauer AG5NT

The Bauer AG5NT is very similar to the CCM Trigger Ribcore 4 Pro stick.  The. biggest difference is that the Flylite is a whole lot lighter than the Trigger 4 Pro.  But, the Trigger 4 Pro has advantages that the Flylite doesn’t have.

If you are deciding between the two, it’s really a matter of whether you like Bauer or CCM better.

The AG5NT is lighter, but the Ribcore Trigger 4 Pro is more well rounded in terms of stick handling and puck movement.

The blade it is extremely stiff.  There’s a couple advantages and disadvantages of it.

A big advantage is that your shots will be incredibly consistent and accurate.  It also helps the puck move a whole lot faster than other sticks.

The downfall is that it may be more difficult to stick handle with.  Not by much, but the puck may bounce a little bit further, a little bit quicker than the Ribcore Trigger 4 Pro.

If you are comparing it to an average hockey stick however, stick handling with the Bauer is going to be like taking a walk in the park.

There are levels to this game…

And trust me, hockey sticks that are in the $150 range aren’t even close to as good as this stick, in every aspect.

What’s interesting about the stick is that it’s really good at snapping off one timers.

To do this, Bauer implemented the “XE Taper” which helps stabilize the stick and release the puck instantly.

Which, helps you get one timers off quicker with better accuracy.

(I’ve been talking about kick points a lot, it’s because they’re very important).

Overall, the Bauer AG5NT  is a great hockey stick for hockey players that want quick shots and a lightweight feel.

CCM SuperTacks AS3 Pro

Another CCM stick makes the top five for best hockey sticks.

All of the sticks that I’ve recommended up to this point have been for forwards, in most cases.

The CCM SuperTacks AS3 Pro is the best hockey stick that you can get if you are a defenseman.

The reason for that?

It’s extremely powerful.

It has a mid kick point shaft which builds up a lot of power for slap shots and snap shots.

Typically defensemen aren’t down low and in the corners, sending wrist shots towards the net with only an instant to get the puck off.

That’s why this stick works so well for hockey players on the blue line.

Defenseman can use this stick to their advantage to help guide pucks through traffic.  It’s super accurate. Partially because both the blade and the taper on this stick are stiff.  It helps with the stabilization and reduces the hand torque.

There are also a lot of forwards that use the SuperTacks AS3 Pro, just not as much as the stick above.

The AS2 Pro IS a little bit heavier as well (415 grams), but that is just another source of power.

Overall, the biggest reason to consider the CCM SuperTacks AS3 Pro is because of the power it is able to generate, and the accuracy of the shots.

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Warrior Alpha DX

The Warrior Alpha DX is the next best hockey stick you can get.

It features a low kick point shaft and a sabre taper near the bottom for elite quick releases.

This is one of Warrior’s strongest and more durable sticks. It’s made of Minimus Carbon 1400 which is very tough carbon layering.

The weight of the Alpha DX is 395 Grams.

As far as the feel goes, it’s very balanced and responsive.  Puck handling, shooting and passing feel very natural.  This is actually one of the better sticks for stick handling.

Warrior also implemented an ergo shaft on this stick, which gives it the stability and torque-less shots that so many players are looking for.  Obviously helping out with accuracy and consistency.

Overall, this is another great hockey stick.  If you aren’t a fan of the popular Bauer and CCM sticks, this is the next best option to go with.

True AX9

The True AX9 hockey stick the best stick that we’ve seen out of True yet.  It’s their most lightweight, durable and high performing stick, without a doubt.

It’s a true one piece stick (not just because of the brand name), which gives you the best puck feel possible.  The new carbon layering technology makes this stick 39% stronger than other True hockey sticks.  The blade has also been reinforced and upgraded with the “BladeTech Blade”.

True has had problems with the durability of their previous sticks, so it’s a no brainer for them to increase the durability in this one.

This is another low kick point stick, allowing for fast releases.  If you were to compare the speeds of the releases to the Bauer Vapor Flylite or the CCM Ribcore Trigger 4 Pro, the latter two are faster.

But, if you compare this stick to an average stick that doesn’t cost a whole lot, this one is much better.

Overall, the biggest advantage that you get in this stick is the quality puck feel.  The one piece mold really helps with control during stick handling.  It’s a smooooth hockey stick!

Conclusion: Best Hockey Stick

Getting the best hockey stick really comes down to personal preference.  There are many sticks on the market and the ones at the top are very similar to one another.

But, if you are new to the sport of hockey, I would recommend a CCM stick.

While there are a lot of hockey players using many different brands, CCM is the most popular.  Their stick have always seemed to withstand the test of time and are always high performing.

You can’t go wrong with one.  (PS we’re not sponsored by them to say this).

Hope this article helped you out!



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