Minnesota Girls Hockey – Holiday Tournaments – January 1, 2020


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Gold Division
Andover 5, Proctor/Hermantown 2
AND: Gabby Krause 2g, 1a, Madison Kaiser 1g, 1a
AND: Breanna Bisek, Elizabeth Tammi
AND: Amanda Pelkey 29 saves (W)
PH: Alyssa Watkins, Megan Madill
PH: Abby Pajari 13 saves (L)
[spacer]Third Place
Centennial 3, Rogers 3
CEN: Allison Pitlick 2g, Abby Elliott
CEN: Anna Gilgosch 15 saves (W)
ROG: Avery Farrell 1g, 1a, Allison Hatcher, Unknown
ROG: Haley Hartlage 11 saves (L)
Note: Centennial won the shootout.
[spacer]Fifth Place
Blake School 7, St. Paul United 2
BLK: Lily Delianedis Four Goals, Adelaide Burton Hat Trick
BLK: Ava Christie 16 saves (W)
SPU: Jenna Hoops, Lucie Bond
SPU: Bridget Emerson 26 saves (L)
[spacer]Seventh Place
Holy Family Catholic 2, Hill-Murray 0

HFC: Caitlin Rock, Taylor Koeppl
HFC: Jillian Oncay 13-save shutout (W)
HM: Rachel Kennedy 18 saves (L)
GWG: Caitlin Rock 3P 6:31

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Silver Division
Buffalo 4, Bloomington Jefferson 1

BUF: Jada Habisch 1g, 2a, Raegan Wurm 1g, 1a
BUF: Anna Kubu, Ryleigh Stenson eng
BUF: Isabel Varner 26 saves (W)
BJ: Sophia Jamieson
BJ: Becky St. George 14 saves (L)
[spacer]Third Place
Mahtomedi 3, Chisago Lakes 2

Scoring Unavailable
[spacer]Fifth Place
Minneapolis 4, Duluth 3 OT
MPLS: Maddy Helmstetter 1g, 1a, Ava Miller 1g, 1a
MPLS: Augusta Crow, Audrey Garton
MPLS: Molly Taylor 18 saves (W)
DUL: Annika Lindgren 2g, 1a, Hannah Martin 1g, 1a
DUL: Sarah Spencer 32 saves (L)
GWG: Audrey Garton OT 0:56
[spacer]Seventh Place
Cambridge-Isanti/M/PC 5, Delano/Rockford 2
CIMPC: Ashton Parnell Four Goals, Chloe Nelson 1g, 2a
CIMPC: Jordan Millam 19 saves (W)
DR: Grace Daly 1g, 1a, Annika Reierson
DR: Claudia Schmidt 18 saves (L)

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Bronze Division
River Lakes 3, Western Wisconsin (WI) 2 OT
Scoring Unavailable
[spacer]Third Place
St. Francis/North Branch 2, Marshall 1 OT
SFNB: Olivia Anderson, Abygail Spitzer
SFNB: Laura Boersma 35 saves (W)
MAR: Kalyn DeVlieger
MAR: Emma Klenken 24 saves (L)
GWG: Abygail Spitzer OT 4:34
[spacer]Fifth Place
Waconia 4, Eveleth-Gilbert 4
WAC: Isabella Wozniak 2g, Annika Mielke 1g, 1a, Sophia Beix
WAC: Abigail Elvebak 25 saves (T)
EG: Annaeka Lundgren 1g, 2a, Syndi Richards 1g, 1a
EG: Kylie Baranzelli, Jennie Krause
EG: Daisy Andrews 32 saves (T)
Note: Waconia won the shootout.
[spacer]Seventh Place
Irondale/St. Anthony 4, North Shore 1
Scoring Unavailable

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Open Division
[spacer]Third Round #1
Northern Lakes 3, Arrowhead (WI) 2
NL: Hayden Boelter 2g, Caitlyn Gutzman
NL: Kate Stephens 25 saves (W)
ARR: Riley Hill, Nikki Nagel
ARR: Emma Tate 22 saves (L)
[spacer]Third Round #2
Luverne 2, University School of Milwaukee (WI) 2
LUV: Mallory Nelson, Kamryn Van Batavia
LUV: Cheyenne Schutz ?? saves (T)
USM: Zoe Neudorfer, Jordan Bonk
USM: Sammy Stommel ?? saves (T)
Note: Luverne won the shootout, wins third place.
[spacer]Third Round #3
Moose Lake Area 7, Albert Lea 2
MLA: Sandra Ribich 2g, 2a, Jamie Benzie 2g, 1a, Raechel Painovich 1g, 2a
MLA: Lexi Bonneville 1g, 1a, Mackenzie Hoffmann
MLA: Jo Wekseth ?? saves (W)
AL: Sydney Collins, Esther Yoon
AL: Angelina Minear ?? saves (L)



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